Is creativity a prerequisite for entrepreneurs? Undoubtedly, yes. While many people may struggle to initially see that creativity is essential in entrepreneurship, that doesn’t stop it from being true.

Creativity and the Entrepreneur

Creativity and the creative process go hand in hand. Although most people think of creativity as the “spark” that generates new ideas, it’s much more than that. Without creativity, one can’t adapt to changing circumstances, identify solutions for complex problems or find a way out of uncertain situations. Without creativity, entrepreneurs don’t stand a chance.

1. Startups are Always in Flux

Whether a startup is born from one idea or develops as a synthesis of various thoughts and concepts, no startup will live off of the same set of ideas forever. In order for entrepreneurs to build successful businesses, they need to be able to constantly reinvent themselves and their companies. Whether they are beating out their competition or scaling up, entrepreneurs can’t keep their startups growing without creativity.

2. Unconventional Thinking is a Must

Entrepreneurs will never achieve success by doing the same thing everyone else is doing. In order to develop an unconventional business, one needs to think unconventionally. This sort of disruptive thinking can only come from creativity.

As most startups are based on a totally new product or service, founders need to tap into unconventional thinking in order to find an audience. To create a demand for their products or services, these entrepreneurs need to change the way consumers think–effectively getting their audience to think unconventionally, as well.

3. Entrepreneurs Should Always Push Their Potential

Complacency is one of the fastest ways to sink a startup. When an entrepreneur gets too comfortable with their company, work ethic and business process, they are effectively ruining their chances of growing. While a startup can find initial success, it needs creatively minded founders to keep pushing it too reach its full potential. Creativity can push a stagnant business to reach previously unimaginable heights.

4. Problems Can’t Be Solved Without Creative Thinking

Regardless of how talented, intelligent or experienced an entrepreneur is, there will always be problems that need to be solved. While some problems can easily be solved, others require the right amount of innovation. Without this creative thinking, these businesses don’t stand a chance.

Entrepreneurs must learn to think creatively if they hope to move their businesses forward. Founders should keep these four truths in mind when working to grow their startups.